Stoner much? – Part 2

Where were we? Mom found grass in my cupboard? Yes. 

Well, things took a turn for the better after that. My college exams were done, and the Colonel had been needing a vacation for a bit. Travelling runs in my family now, considering the profession and all. 

Anyway, we went to a resort in Coorg; one of the best Coorg has. It was stunning. The peace and the quiet it afforded, and the greenery! I’d live there forever if the room charges per night weren’t that high!

However, the best part? We had a private infinity pool attached to our cottage. When you’re an Indian you learn to value luxuries such as private pools. 

We arrived around 2 in the afternoon, and the exhaustion of the journey didn’t leave us with much choice – we jumped into the pool. After an hour of idling around I went to get some sun on the deck. The Colonel came and joined me. 

Colonel – You need to start thinking about your future. 

Me – So dad, I got a joint on me. Interested?

Colonel – Okay. Don’t tell your mother. 

After this short dialogue all I had to do was ship my mother out of the room with my sister, and dad and I got down to business. I got the joint out and lit it. The dialogue that follows is an exact replica of what happened along with my reactions of amazement. 

Colonel (after taking his first drag) – This is weed? (With a derisive expression.)

Me – Um, yeah?

Colonel – I’m more of a hash smoker. 

Me – (rolling my eyes and staring at him at the same time.)

I mean seriously, I get that people love hash, I just don’t. I don’t even feel it. Anyway, it kept getting better. 

Me – when was the last time you smoked up?

Colonel (chilling with a drink on the deck chair) – 2 years ago at a party. Now that was hash. 

Seriously, he’s annoying at times. *rolls eyes*

Colonel (after me randomly rambling about something) – I used to make the hash in college. 

My jaw dropped. Literally. 

The Colonel used to be cool at one point?? This led another parry of views to be discussed later. 

That has been the only time I’ve smoked up with him, and I believe it led me to have an easier relationship with him. Am I glad I took the chance and asked him!
**The story is fictitious and any resemblance to people or situations is purely coincidental. 

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